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Strategies that Custody Lawyers Adopt

by Garry

The issue of custody of the child is the most challenging and emotional phase in a divorce case. Winning a custody case is not easy as pie and requires careful planning and strategizing with your custody lawyer. A two-dimensional approach is essential to convince the court that your situation is right.

Winning a custody case implies getting final court orders for the guardianship that you need, and that ensures your kid’s well-being. Prior preparation and planning of crucial strategies are essential to winning the case. Here are a few strategies that most custody lawyers adopt to win the case with great ease.

  • Negotiation or mediation

Negotiation or mediation is one the best and easy ways of settling the case. As we already know, whether it’s a personal injury claim or child custody case, the majority of the cases are settled ever before reaching the courtroom.

An experienced custody lawyer will play this strategy efficiently, thereby making the court battle less expensive and short. In the case of child custody, negotiations are likely to fail often, whereas mediations work out well. Mediation offers a less antagonistic approach, wherein an impartial guardianship and debate resolution specialist helps you and the other parent convey and compromise.

  • Detailed parenting plan

In case you are not convinced with the other parent, you’ll go to court so the judge can choose authority. The two guardians can contend for the custody arrangement they need. In case you have an attorney, they’ll contend in court for you.

Your custody lawyer can pull off the case well by presenting a detailed parenting plan from your end. Showing the judge your parenting plan for the child helps your attorney present a winning case rather than just a custody case.

Also, do provide evidence for your parenting plan, such as parenting time calculations, cost records, messaging records, parenting journal sections, etc. A detailed parenting plan along with evidence serves as proof that you are the proper guardian for your kid.

Though you could do it yourself, having an experienced custody attorney could add a lot to making this strategy successful.

  • Prove that you are a good parent

The best strategy to win a child custody case is by proving that your client is a better parent than the opponent parent.

While playing this strategy, it is crucial to hyper-focus on every minor flaw with the other parent that supports as a piece of extraordinary evidence. While the facts demonstrate that genuine concerns should be brought to the court’s consideration, numerous care cases don’t loan themselves to an incredibly highly contrasting differentiation between the guardians.

If you argue the case by yourself without an attorney, be extra cautious while playing this strategy. One must not alter or misinterpret the facts.

Final thoughts:

Winning a child custody case is not a piece of cake and requires perfect strategizing. Those, as mentioned above, are the top three strategies that most custody lawyers adopt. If you are dealing with a case by yourself without hiring a custody lawyer, be a little cautious while presenting facts and plans.

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