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Safety Tips To Keep In Mind As A New Driver

by Garry

As a new driver, busy roads may seem intimidating and sometimes may lead to fatal accidents. Maintaining safety behind the wheels should be the utmost priority of every new driver. The below-mentioned tips will help new drivers maintain safety. 

Tips You Should Always Maintain While Driving

  • Always remember to carry a valid driver’s license, the auto insurance policy, the registration certificate of the vehicle, and other related documents with yourself. This prevents unnecessary nervousness and dodging the officials, which increases the risk of accidents.
  • Wearing a seatbelt while driving will ensure safety and will protect yourself from crashing into the windshield. Getting all the passengers strapped in is highly advisable. While on the bike, wearing safety gear like helmet, gloves, and knee guards will protect you from serious injuries. 
  • Do not drive under the influence. It is a fact that alcohol, prescription, or non-prescription drugs impairs the reaction time of the human body. If you are impaired in any way possible, do not operate a vehicle. 
  • If you are caught under such a criminal offense, you are eligible to hire a DUI lawyer. The primary objective of your attorney is to reduce the sentence, if not dismiss, the case. Always consult your case (if any) with top DUI lawyers like DUI lawyer Phoenix for services in Phoenix and nearby areas. To restrain from such cases, asking someone to drive you or booking an alternative vehicle to drop you is the best solution. 
  • Maintaining adequate distance with a vehicle in front is essential. This ensures the safety of the driver and the car in situations where even if the car in front applies brakes suddenly or swerves, you have enough space to avoid a collision.
  • Sticking to speed limits is often overlooked by many drivers despite safety advertisements and hoardings. Driving at a speed above the advised limit may save you some time but increases the chances of an accident. 
  • Practice defensive driving, that is, being aware of the surrounding drivers, responding calmly, and expecting the unexpected. Being a new driver, aggressive behavior from other drivers, tailgating, and running red lights might bother you. Stay calm and try to avoid any kind of confrontation.
  • Try to stay away from road rage as it takes away your focus from driving and is very dangerous as well. Avoid interaction with aggressive drivers, do not honk or flashlights, do not get out of the vehicle, and try to call the cops if necessary. If the fault is yours, acknowledge it and apologize. 
  • Proper vehicle maintenance must be carried out regularly. This includes checking tires’ pressure, replacing old tires, replacing brake fluid, and checking the coolant levels to protect the engine from being overheated.
  • Extra caution must be taken while driving at night. Though there may be fewer vehicles, do not be tempted. Maintain your speed limits, and do not rely on other vehicle lights to guide you.


Besides these tips, other factors like using headlights whenever required, being predictable, having patience, following traffic signals, and staying alert also fall under the safety tips for drivers. By adhering to the tips mentioned above, one can contribute to the safety of himself and other drivers and pedestrians.


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