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Roles and Responsibilities of a Divorce Lawyer

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When a married couple decides to pursue a formal separation that leads to the dissolution of their marriage, they see a divorce lawyer. Divorce is not a good thing but sometimes for the betterment of both the partners, they opt to go their separate ways. 

Divorce occurs for a variety of reasons, and it affects practically everyone. Both parties retain the services of a divorce lawyer to represent them in court. In the process, he has specific obligations and roles to perform, which we’ll go over today.

The job of a divorce lawyer during the process of legal separation and divorce

  • Matters of child custody

A divorce lawyer who specializes in fighting divorce cases must deal with the negotiation terms during a divorce. The maestro discusses the terms and concludes the issue. For instance, a divorce lawyer hears the plea of his client regarding child custody. He presents the request before the judge and promotes the cause of his client. 

  • Negotiate money matters

A divorce lawyer will handle the financial interests of his client and the claims that can be initiated. The specialists negotiate the medical insurance securities and saving terms. They fairly divide the money and property among both the partners and produce the terms at court for finalization. 

  • The claim of alimony

The professional researches the financial background of his client, and in case the person is not monetarily stable; he requests alimony and financial support from the ex-spouse. The plea is produced in front of the judge, who weighs the circumstance and declares his verdict. The lawyer tries his best to negotiate a fair deal for his client during the process of divorce.

  • Research work  

A divorce lawyer must conduct thorough research and background check before preparing a strong case to represent the potential client. First, he studies the taxation policies and returns of the client. If the person cannot take care of the mortgage bills and other financial burdens, he prepares the claims accordingly. 

  • Counseling of the client

This is a vital step before the person is taken into court. Especially if the divorce is a contested one, the rival prosecutor may question the individual in a misleading manner. The person has to be prepared to face the queries confidently. The lawyer makes sure that the client is comfortable with discussing the crises that led to the divorce and other significant factors. 

  • Suggest settlement 

The divorce specialist should be tactful enough to use his foresight and predict the outcome and the verdict. If it appears that the case might go against his client, he should promptly be able to suggest a negotiation outside the court. This will help his client to settle for a fair share of the property without much inconvenience. 


The divorce lawyer should have relevant skills to understand the intricacy of the situation and discuss the terms with both parties. He should be able to prepare a solid case for his client based on evidence and information. The professional should make the process of divorce hassle-free and straightforward for his client. 

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