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6 Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Before You Hiring Them

by Garry

A Criminal Defense Lawyer is a professional who deals with the defense of individuals and companies charged with activities related to crime. They fight for their clients during the trial and also speak on behalf of the client. 

One should always hire a criminal defense attorney when accused of a crime or facing a criminal charge. However, finding the correct attorney who might help you find the best possible outcome is crucial to ask the right question before hiring.

Here Are 6 Questions To Consider When You Are Looking To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

  • For how long has criminal law been practised by you?

Defending a client in a criminal case is not possible without having proper experience in that particular field. Therefore, you should specifically ask your attorney about their experience and training in criminal law. A superior criminal defense lawyer has practised for many years and successfully represents a large number of clients. They can guide you correctly and advise you about all stages of the legal process. 

  • Is free initial consultation offered by you?

A lawyer can’t advise you or provide an accurate fee quote on a phone conversation. Therefore, it is necessary to have a face-to-face discussion with your lawyer and thereby get a complete understanding of all the facts related to your case and properly evaluate it. 

The criminal defense lawyer reviews certain things during the free initial consultation:

  • The specific facts of your case.
  • Do you have any criminal records? 
  • Your life history, employment, and education

After questioning, your lawyer will be in a position to give you proper answers to your question and provide you with the best way to proceed with your case. 

  • What are the strategies you would propose for handling the case? 

An attorney can’t guarantee exactly how the case will play out. Nevertheless, they should frame a proper plan and obtain clear strategies for proceeding with the matter. Your attorney should explain the strategy they have chosen and the advantages and disadvantages of each potential strategy.    

  • What is your achievement rate?

A lawyer should have good records of providing proper advice and finding the best possible result for their clients. Finding this type of lawyer will give you a successful outcome.

  • How much will this cost?

Before you hire a lawyer, you must have a black and white approach to cost and payment. You should know whether the practice has any payment plans, what forms of payment they will receive, and when you should make these payments.

  • Who else is going to handle my case?

A criminal defense attorney works with more than one person. By asking this, you will come to know about their team and how big it is. For example, does anyone else have access to your confidential information or not? Are the writing and paperwork done by them or handled by someone else?


Criminal activities are very confusing, and one should take them very seriously. However, by asking the questions discussed, you will get a superior criminal defense attorney who will have a strong defense based on the best version of the truth. With this, you can prepare for the journey ahead and feel confident by knowing that you have hired the best person to represent you.

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