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Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With the Prenuptial Agreement Process?

by Garry

A prenuptial agreement often referred to as Prenup is a legal agreement between two people who are soon to be married. The prenup enlists all the property each person owns and the rights over the property after marriage. It is a legal process that needs to be implemented under the supervision of law expertise. Many people want to create a prenuptial agreement irrespective of their wealth. 

A prenup not only helps to manage properties after marriage but also helps to maintain a balance between financial aspects and your relationship. Different people have different purposes to get a prenup signed by their partner. Even if you want to pass on your assets to children from prior marriages or avoid any argument at divorce, the best way to clear the financial aspect is by creating a legally binding agreement. 

Not many people understand the process of making a prenuptial agreement as it’s not something we do regularly of course. Hence hiring an expert Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers in Los Angeles might be in your best interest. The prenup should be in writing to be legally applicable and reviewed by an attorney. Most people just build a prenup from scratch without any expertise of a legal counselor and end up with just an agreement that is not legally valid.

Creating a prenup includes a variety of things that has to be taken care of such as:

Both the partners should intentionally execute the arrangement. 

They both should take part in total honesty in their particular circumstances at the time the record is executed. 

They should sign the archive within the sight of a legal official public.

Even if people suggest building a prenup by yourself, you should always consider looking for family law attorneys Los Angeles to be on a safer side. Here are several reasons to favor the fact that a lawyer can be in your best interest to create a prenup.

Most of us aren’t aware of law procedures and paperwork to create a valid prenup accepted legally and here an expert lawyer can be of great use. When you create a prenup on your own, one can be biased, unfair, or oppressive to others. But when you have a lawyer, you can ensure a fair agreement created under the eyes of the law. The prenup that seems unfair for any of the partners or does not matches the state requirements can easily be set aside. Thus, it’s important to understand the need for the situation and hire a knowledgeable lawyer to create a legally valid and fair prenup.

While drafting a prenup, one should be clear of their needs and settlements, in case any of them does not believe to settle with the agreement, it’s much advisable to get it done by a lawyer who provides a middle solution for your problems. It will avoid fights and help you build a fair agreement. Moreover, when the prenup is created without any legal representation, the court tends to be more cautious and may involve problems later. Which enhances the chances of prenup rejection by the court. 

The other reason to hire a lawyer is to meet all the legal procedures met at the time. Prenuptial agreements in states have strict timelines that are required to be met. If you and your partner have decided to get a prenup made just before your wedding, you won’t be able to be completely involved in the process and you might miss the deadline. Thus, an expert legal counselor can be of great help here. The process will be much easier and would avoid fights. With a lawyer on your side, you can expect to settle the prenup on a legal basis. 

Each person ought to likewise completely report their income and resources, which will fulfill the necessity that both partners made total honesty of their funds. An accomplished legal advisor knows about the kind of terms disallowed from incorporation in a prenup. Although, every state has its laws that are in the knowledge of an expert lawyer.

There is a certain legal aspect to prepare a valid prenup that should be taken care of such as the provisions that violate public policy, provisions that include non monetary matters, and more. You might be not aware of these policies and it can be difficult to get it done. Thus, a lawyer can help you to achieve it.

On the off chance that you and your future accomplice are thinking about a prenuptial arrangement, you probably have numerous inquiries encompassing the laws and various terms you may experience. Settling on sure it’s a substantial arrangement is additionally critical. Ensure your eventual benefits by having a family law lawyer audit your prenuptial arrangement and give sound counsel. There are several Los Angeles lawyers that you can look for to get the process done.

At Whitmarsh Family Law, a PC law firm, you can find highly experienced and skilled attorneys who understand your needs & help you any query like how to Avoid Mistakes to Handle Divorce & plan your life ahead & a team of licensed lawyers, the law firm provides the best legal service. Providing expertly created prenuptial arrangements to same-sex couples and all individuals who are prospective marry by putting one significant discussion, one of the wedded couples’ biggest purposes of conflict cash behind them before pushing ahead with their coexistences.


The firm believes that a prenup is nowhere a beginning of divorce but a better understanding of financial disclosure and responsibilities. It leads to a strong relationship between both spouses by establishing a clear report of finances. Hence, no monetary surprises coming in your way ever. The lawyers at Whitmarsh Family law ensures that you have complete knowledge of your future life at a financial level too. The lawyers are well informed and provide the best legal prenup services to bring a happy beginning to your married life.  I wish you all the luck that prevails!


Whitmarsh Family Law, PC is a magnificent firm with Family Law Attorneys Los Angeles. They strive to provide ease to the complexities that affect your personal as well as professional well-being. The law firm understands that family matters are private and unique gives an necessitates undivided attention.


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