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What You Can Do To Prevent Your Teen in Greenville From Driving Drunk?

by Garry

Consuming alcohol for teens is not just illegal but driving drunk is far more dangerous. More than 50% of cases of teen deaths are related to drunk driving. When you find your kid indulging in parties and alcohol consumption, you have to take the right step! However, you don’t know what might work with them? And what will discourage them? If you aren’t sure what to do, read this till the end.

There might be some parents that think “ My kid would never indulge in drinking” but the sad truth is 9 out of 10 kids fall into this trap without thinking twice. Thus it’s better to play safe. If you want to keep your child away from alcohol, you need to know the major reason behind it with the help of Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville. As per the research, most students try to fit in with each other and drinking helps to do so. Now let’s be clear, drinks are easily available to them and thus they choose to do it. But what matters is your conversation with your teen and this can change the risky behavior we are trying to stop.

Here are some tips to prevent your teen from driving drunk:

Help Kids to Reduce Peer Pressure

As per the studies, most kids drink to be considered cool in front of their friends. And deliberately lead towards drinking. This is just the peer pressure from this age group and thus you need to talk with your kid. Firstly you need to explain to your teen the consequences of drinking and what disaster it can end up in. Talk to them about the scenarios they can face and how they can tackle them. You have to explain to your kid how to say no if someone offers you a drink. And most importantly make them feel loved and cared for, tell them you are always available for them in any need, and they don’t need to be afraid if they face any such condition.

Make Resources Available

When you are communicating with your teen, tell them some bad happenings with people who did underage drinking and how they had to face the struggle. Tell them, how if someone close to you has been injured by a drunk driver and how criminal defense attorneys Greenville helped them. You need to make them understand what can cost them if they are involved in drunk driving. You can make them understand with either a victim story or the culprit one.

Share a Secret Code

When you are all clear with the consequences and impacts of drunk driving, now you have to make sure they have the perfect plan to get out of such a situation. The best way can be creating a secret code between you and your teen. This way your teen would not feel embarrassed in front of their friends and you can easily help them too. You can create a code like “ I am not feeling well” or a text like “ 111”. That will help you understand your teen’s situation and you can be there for help.

Get Your Rules Straight with your teen

You need to be clear with your teen about the drinking rules at your house. As per studies, it has shown that most kids who are bound by the rules are most probably less likely to involve in such behavior. Parents have to form a set of rules and be clear with their teens about the rules. Parents who are strict with their teens are more likely to avoid this situation. You don’t have to feel guilty when you are being strict, it is only to prepare them. The first rule of “Never Drunk Driving” should be clear to your kid.

Know About State Laws

Considering your own rules first, you also need to make sure that your teen is well versed with the state laws. Most teens underestimate their parents and go out of their way for drinking. Thus, you have to make your teen understand how state laws work. Many teens get drunk and are charged with DUI. If you are ever faced with such a situation, you have to take the help of DUI Attorney in Rock Hill which can be the last option for help. Either way, you have to explain the legal consequences of drunk driving to your kid and how this can even lead to suspension of their license. In some of the major drunk driving cases, your teen can also end up in jail for some time.


In the end, what matters is your child’s safety and thus you have to take important steps to prevent this. Most importantly, set an example of yourself to stop them from drinking. Don’t drink in front of your kids, and also avoid keeping drinks at your house. So, they don’t consider drinking at an early age and follow your path. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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