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How much Should a Law Firm Website Cost?

by Garry

Now Lawyers have realized how critical it is to have an online presence and a professional website. When it comes to building the website, one question always comes to mind: how much it will cost.

However, before discussing “how much should a law firm website cost?” let’s consider the website’s purpose. If you’re looking to have a single page website that confirms your existence as a business, then there are many low-cost options available in the market. You can also choose some free themes of Wix and Squarespace. But, if you’re looking for a website to be the foundation of your online presence, then you should consider a more sound solution.

In lawyer website designing, you get what you pay for. There will be a remarkable difference between a free templated website and a custom-built web experience.

Realistically, a small to midsize lawyer websites can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $80,000, or more, depending on the level of customization and animations used on the site.

The lawyer website’s cost generally depends on the service, functionality, custom design work, and SEO features. This blog post covers some of the services and features usually included in the full-fledged website.


If you want your website to bring new clients to your law firm, ongoing maintenance and optimization is important. Always being in touch with your website agency and make sure that your website is working properly.
It’s necessary to know how your website functions, audit for any technical issues, and optimize respectively. If you’re working with the agency for your law firm website, it’s vital to ensure the monthly maintenance is included in the contract.

Custom Images & Video

Many law agency websites look the same as they use free images available on google and other sites. It’s not a good idea to choose random images for the firm that is going to give you a name, fame, and money. The more yours stands out, the more likely you will attract potential clients. For an appealing website, high-quality photography is needed.
Custom design work also adds cost. This generally includes logo development, branding, videos, and helping your law agency choose color palettes that work great on the web and help you stand out.

SEO Features

If you want your website to appear in Google search results, you need to ensure your website’s CMS has the features you require. SEO is very important for web visibility on the Internet. As your website gains visibility in Google, you will bring more clients to your firm and increase your profitability.

Technology Integrations

Your website should include live chat, contact us form, and social media integration. It helps your website visitor to contact you promptly.
Some of the more advanced functionality that will establish your legal website apart include:
Clickable phone number from a mobile device
24/7 receptionists
Contact forms
Live Chat functionality
Email capture feature
Costing chart
Online payment option

Content Needs & Strategy

The other cost is the original content development. Content is required for SEO and to introduce your firm to your website visitors. You should have content for the following pages:

About Us
Attorney Bios
Practice Areas
Servicing Pages
Blog Content
Contact Us

It’s never smart to spend huge money on a website, but cutting too many corners could also not be beneficial for your business development efforts. It’s about balance, and they’re usually no “one size fits all” solution. If you’d like to discuss a law website solution that will work for your legal practice’s novel needs, let’s talk.

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