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How Do I File an Insurance Claim After An Accident?

by Garry

If you’ve Personal injury, you’ll want to file a police report and an insurance accident claim with the help of your lawyer either he can be your insurer or the insurer of the responsible party but it should be done only after seeking medical attention.

The claim is that the initiative toward being compensated for medical expenses lost wages, or other damages resulting from the car accident. This article will give you a brief of the basics of insurance injury claims, you will understand broadly these areas:

  1. The exact difference between first party and third party claims;
  2. How does the insurance claims process happen?
  3. What to do after Denial of claims and the appeals process; and
  4. How is the value of an insurance claim measured?
  5. First Party Claims vs. Third Party Claims

  First of all,

  • Consult a lawyer

If you are filing a claim for the first time, there can be chances that you are stuck at various processes of filing a ford insurance claim. You can look for Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston. You will get the complete assistance when you are dealing with an insurance company. Some insurance companies will process your claim quickly but other companies will take some time. Most insurance companies do have a collaboration with good automobile service centers. It is a great idea to visit any of the service centres which are associated with the insurance company for a full inspection of the damages and then getting an estimate for expenses.

There are broadly two types of insurance claims found:

  • first-party claims: a first-party claim is when you file the claim with your own insurance company.
  •  third party claim: third party claim is one you file with the insurance provider of another person or business. Most insurance holders have coverage for third parties who have gone through a car accident.

The type of claim will help your case and guidance from Car Accident Lawyers in Houston, as your case will depend upon who was responsible during the car accident, the sort of car accident that occurred will be taken care of, and therefore the extent of your coverage will be calculated and measured. 

For example, if you are the person who has caused an auto accident while driving in your car, you have to probably file a primary party claim also with your auto insurance provider. While it is possible that, if you were hit by a car while crossing the street or got involved in an accident when there was a passenger in a car, you must file a claim with the third party perspective  with the driver’s auto insurance provider. Alternatively, if you were injured while shopping during a store or eating at a restaurant, you’ll file a 3rd party personal injury claim with the business’ insurance firm. The mentioned claims do apply to bodily damage and  property damage as well.

  • The Insurance Claims Process

The personal injury can happen anywhere it could be at a mall or outside a building or even outside your home, it is very important for you to report the incident to the insurance firm within 24 hours of the incident. If you are sure that you were not guilty of the car accident, you are required to contact the insurance provider of the business, building owner, or at-fault driver. You’ll probably be required to supply information about the explanation for the accident and therefore the extent of your injuries.

The next step for the insurance company is to open an investigation of your claim. You may be asked to share the evidence of the incident which could be photos or witnesses at the accident scene, the names of any witnesses with the lawyer, or a more descriptive of the incident. Besides, you may want to have a medical check up for yourself and also for the purpose of medical claim. This independent checkup by a doctor can be taken with the insurer’s choice of doctor or reference. If the injury was caused by a building condition, the adjuster may inspect the property.

After calculating the worth of your claim, the insurance firm will then issue a settlement check. If your claim is denied or if you think the quantity of the settlement is insufficient, you’ll appeal to the insurance firm. An appeal may require you to undergo additional examinations or provide further information and evidence about the car accident.

  • Denial of Claims and the Appeals Process

You should not be waiting to file a case for personal injury as it can be the biggest reason for delay of the case while there are a variety of reasons why your claim could also be denied.

For example, if you did not hit the bullseye at the right time or took too long after a car accident to file your claim or did not undergo an independent checkup. Alternatively, it is possible that you are not covered with a good insurance claim and that is found at any points in times. 

Whatever the case may be, you’ll receive a message from the insurance company if your claim is denied by mail or call. It is then up to you to appeal the denial of the claim. Appeals and various procedures will majorly differ from company to company, so you ought to take a glance at the policy in question to find out about the acceptable next steps. You must ask questions on the appeals process or if your appeal is denied, it’s probably the way to understand the case in detail and your best interests while consulting with an insurance lawyer.

  • Measuring the Value of Insurance Claims

While medical expenses are extremely important but these expenses are low and on top of that wages are also cut off, it’s difficult to calculate this amount with the pain and suffering an individual can experience after having a personal injury. Insurance companies do have some damage formulas to calculate what proportion to be paid to the injured for this type of non-monetary losses.


The personal injury claims analyst first adds up all of your medical expenses. If the injuries aren’t too serious, this total is usually multiplied by 2 to know about how much is the quantity of your “special damages.” However, if the injuries are severe, the total could also be multiplied by 4, or maybe 9 if the injuries are severe. Once the special damages amount is measured, then the analyst will also add the lost wages to work out the quantity of your settlement. You are now in the position to negotiate with the insurance firm to get a better settlement. I wish you all the luck that prevails!


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