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Why Fathers Need To Fight For The Right To Stay In Their Children’s Lives In CA

by Garry

Ending a marriage is daunting for either side of the party and especially when kids are involved. It’s not easy for both parties to go through this phase. With the child involved, divorce is followed by child custody and child support. For every father, their child is an important part of their life. But it becomes hard for them to stay in their children’s lives with child custody. 

As much as a mother is considered important for a child’s upbringing, fathers too play a prominent role in their child’s life. And they too have the complete right to stay in their children’s lives. With a highly experienced family law attorney in Los Angeles on your side, you can fight through the case and get what you deserve. Either a joint or sole custody, a lawyer can bring your life back on track. From equal parenting time to equal parental decisions, you deserve all!

When your child is the one who is pressured to phase such a situation and choose either one of you. You as a father should be one to make sure that your child knows he/she has nothing to do with your divorce. Fathers should understand that you are not forced to leave their children’s life in whatsoever situation. 

But to make this happen, you have to fight for the right to stay in your children’s lives because:

Mental Health

Divorce is not always ending a marriage, it’s more about ending a family and losing your loved ones. And this can not just make your life difficult but can lead to a different phase. As per studies, most fathers end up bearing the pain with alcohol on their side or any other addictive drug. This sudden change in daily routine can increase stress levels and anxiety. Most fathers feel like they are living an incomplete life without their children and feel completely lost. As this situation is overwhelming for parents, it is the same for your child too.

Both mother and father are equally important to them and thus they deserve the love of both the parents. Every child dreams of a perfect family, and you can become the reason to wreck this dream. When they see their dream lifting apart, it can become hard on them. Thus, you need to make this process easier by leading to an effective solution I.e. involvement of a father equally like a mother.

Positive Relationship

It’s important for every child to know about their parents and have a healthy relationship. It’s a fact that every father and daughter relationship helps a daughter to make her opinion of men, helping daughters to create a self-image and confidence among men. As daughters look up to their fathers as a male role model, it’s important to have them around and understand how women should be treated.

Likewise, a son father relationship is as important as any other. Father who plays an active role in his son’s life can provide him with positive examples. When a father is absent, young boys look to other male figures to set the “rules” for how to behave and survive in the world.

Father’s Love cannot be Replaced 

Whether it’s a son or a daughter, a father’s love for them cannot be replaced by any. They likewise look to their dads to give a sensation of security, both physical and enthusiastic. Kids need to make their dads pleased, and an elaborate dad advances inward development and strength. Studies have demonstrated that when fathers are loving and steady, it significantly influences a kid’s psychological and social turn of events. It additionally ingrains a general feeling of prosperity and fearlessness. Fathers impact who we are inside, yet how we have associations with individuals as we develop. How a dad treats his kid will impact what the individual in question searches for in others. Companions, spouses, and mates will all be picked depending on how the kid apparent the importance of the relationship with their dad. The examples a dad sets in the associations with his youngsters will direct how his kids relate with others.

At last, what matters the most is the wellbeing of your child and the court of California decides on child custody fairly in the best interest of children. How To Handle Custody & Visitation During the Divorce Process in California Father has the complete right to request for joint or sole custody regardless of the relationship between the parents. The court sees factors including each parent’s capacity to focus on and accommodate the kid just as the relationship the kid has with each parent while settling on an official choice. 


To get the decision at your side fairly, you must hire a professional father’s right attorney in Los Angeles. A lawyer can help you throughout the child custody process and make the best negotiation on your behalf of you. I wish you all the luck that prevails!!

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