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Can An Attorney Guarantee A Result In A Criminal Case?

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It is natural for a client or a client’s family to ask if the criminal attorney can guarantee a positive outcome in a criminal case. Whether they can reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor charge or reduce it to a probationary sentence, they may be able to reduce the felony charge to a misdemeanor charge or a probationary sentence. 

Yet, the answer to the question is still tough to answer. It might be difficult for people to grasp that, but it is for our legal systems’ benefit. Therefore, that is why no criminal lawyers used to accept payment based on the outcome.

Why Didn’t The Lawyer Guarantee The Result??

It is both unethical and illegal for an attorney to guarantee a case’s outcome. Representing a client who claims they will not give money if they lose is unethical. Lawyers are not fortune-tellers. No equation can guarantee a positive result. Every case is different, the outcome depends on thousands of facts, some might be out of control.

Reasons Of The Lawyers

There are two reasons why a criminal attorney shouldn’t guarantee the results.

  • First of all, to ensure a specific outcome is strictly against the rules. It has been taught by most of the law schools. Making such a guarantee can make a lawyer lose their license or get suspended.
  • Secondly, it is hard-cell to crack. Only the inexperienced can guarantee these things. That shows desperation which leads to irrelevant theory by the attorney. 

Are The Funds Refunded If The Client Is Not Satisfied With The Results?

The answer is NO. Hiring an attorney will not assure you of winning the case. There are plenty of factors that are out of control. Laws, judges, procedures, etc, do not always work for everyone at the end of a criminal case. A criminal attorney can only work hard for the results. What you can do is to choose the right representative who can give his best to your case.

What Can A Criminal Attorney Guarantee?

The only thing a criminal attorney can guarantee is, your case will be given the utmost attention from the court and effort.

Ask Questions To Your Lawyer 

To know what your attorney is planning, ask questions about the research he did and how he plans to dismiss the case. You can ask the following questions: 

  • Whether documents, such as police reports, statements, and evidence, are reviewed or not. 
  • Did he communicate with the witnesses or not? 
  • Have communicated with the judge and the prosecutor or not.
  •  Whether he verified your criminal history or not. 
  • The evidence and videos were reviewed by him or not.


A good lawyer should communicate with the client frequently and respond to their query as quickly as possible. The attorney should show the same urgency about the case as the client and their family feel, or at least understand and respect their urgency. The attorney can not guarantee the outcome but can make the client believe by his hard work.

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