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Are Criminal Defense Lawyers Targets of Violence?

by Garry

Many people think that a criminal defence lawyer’s job is not a dangerous one, but unlike that, the legal profession is entirely of a threatening kind. Lawyers and attorneys do receive threat calls, messages and letters. There have been cases where lawyers were subjected to violence in typical cases like interfaith marriage, etc. Criminal defence lawyers are more sensitive in this case as they are subjected to violence more often. They are far more at risk than other lawyers who practise in different areas.

Cases where Criminal Lawyers are Subjected to Violence

There are numerous cases where criminal lawyers were made targets of violence. Some are mentioned below:

  • Xia Zhao, a lawyer who was murdered by Jason Cai. However, Cai was not the client of the former. Xia Zhao pursued a death suit against Jason Cai, which was allegedly wrongful. Zhao was threatened by Cai, and she took some steps against it, which was not adequate. 
  • Once a person named Jamie Hunt threatened a criminal defence lawyer to blow the head off. He was armed and quite dangerous. Although, the lawyer did not have any physical harm due to the interference of another person.

Criminal defence Lawyers deal with often bad people at their best behaviour. They know that the lawyer is the only person in the world who will stand by them. They may express their frustration about the system, cops, everything else, but they know that the lawyer is for them and they are safe. They won’t get jailed for showing their frustration. 

Criminal Lawyers have always been a point of people’s anger for the legal system. Clients should have a respectful attitude towards their lawyer, and this should be maintained throughout the proceedings of the case at any cost. If any client turns out to act violent, then the criminal defence lawyer must work against it. 

They should be provided safety for the work they do. The judge must take actions in cases like public outrage towards a lawyer for fighting for a guilty person, a criminal lawyer who is threatened by someone, and other issues. People should know the working of our judicial system and should not be outraged at lawyers. Attorneys and criminal lawyers should also create a bar for themselves and their clients. They should immediately take actions against those clients who find it difficult to behave respectfully with them.


Being a criminal defence lawyer is a dangerous job, but every criminal lawyer does not have the same experience. Some might have well-behaved clients, and others might have threatening calls at night. But the lawyers who are facing disrespectful behaviour from their clients must take a step back and take serious actions. They, too, face threats from unknown people for going against them. But the lawyers must not walk away in such cases because it is their work for finding out the truth. They must do their job without any hindrance with proper protection from the concerned authorities.

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